The Vagaband Team

Renata Pappin | Founding Partner and CEO
The buck stops here – this is a woman who dealt with two teenagers of her own… then voluntarily took it upon herself to look after millions more. She’s pretty cool like that.

Walker Pappin I Founding Partner and Co-Director
Walker graduated from the New College of Humanities last year with a dual honours degree in Literature and Psychology – he also wrote this website. He’s into travelling and books – he hopes to one day have a pet otter.

Edmund Bassett I Founding Partner Co-Director
Edmund and Walker weren’t allowed to sit next to each other at school – they’ve been best friends ever since. He does literally all the difficult stuff: name the hardest parts of running a company and, odds are, he’s somehow taught himself how to do it. Call him Ed, he hates it and it’s hilarious.

Alex Kolster | Brand Outreach
Alex speaks five languages, makes documentaries and once managed to find us five free sewing machines in ten minutes. He could sell a freezer to an Eskimo – you’d love him: everyone does.

Maxwell Harrington | Strategy and Development
Maxwell graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with degrees in Political Science, Classical Latin and Global Studies last year. He is an avid surfer and traveller and hopes to one day sail around the world.