The travel wristband for explorers, adventurers and world wanderers

The Vagaband

Inspired by a lifetime of adventurous travel, Vagaband is the original travellers’ safety wristband. The clearest, simplest and easiest way to make sure that your most important medical and personal details are always literally close to hand. With just a pencil, new information can be added or edited at any time, meaning that whatever is written in the band is always relevant, accurate and up to date.

By ditching the tech, we’ve created something that’s reliable no matter where you are. With no screen to smash, no battery to fry and no signal to lose, Vagaband’s got your back from Soho to the Serengeti. Technology’s cool – technology that never fails is even cooler: In the world of the escalator, buildings are still designed with stairs.

Protecting and Connecting

Vagabands have the potential to provide lifesaving information in mere seconds – but that’s not all they do: wearing a Vagaband marks you as a lover of the less-trodden path, and sparks conversations wherever you go. They’re the key to a community of travelers; a community that shares, inspires and helps one another as they wind their way around the world.

What makes them so special?

Vagabands aren’t just a pretty face – these things are tough: they are resistant to, fire, cosmetics, tears, bug sprays and pretty much anything else you’re likely (or unlikely) to come across.

Vagabands are comfortable, hypoallergenic, fully recyclable, and handmade right here in the UK: those are just a couple of the reasons why more than 5,000 people around the world already trust Vagabands to keep them safe.

Fire Resistant

Water Proof

Made in the UK

Tear Resistant

Fully Recyclable

Practically Indestructible

Two sides to every Vagaband

It’s got room for your most vital information – the stuff that makes all the difference if you need help, whether it’s from a medical professional or just a passing good Samaritan.

Flip it over and you’ve got a wearable diary to make your own. Meet someone? Take down their number. New favourite tune? Jot down the name. Find the best meal in town? You won’t lose the address… then, when you get back home, you’ve got a souvenir that’s truly unique.

Why Young Travellers?

217 million young people set off travelling every year, we know because that’s what we do too. That means we know first-hand what hiccups come with all that roaming and rambling. We want travel to be wild, but it shouldn’t be reckless – that’s why we made Vagaband, it’s all about: watching your back but never watching over your shoulder!


Vagaband’s not just for gap-year adventurers and lifelong nomads though:
• Little kids who are prone to wandering
• University freshers in a new town
• Festival-goers with a penchant for losing their phones
• Essentially anyone going anywhere where they might find themselves in a pickle


And, of course, anyone with an invisible condition who wants to be sure their needs will be communicated no matter what.

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